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Statistics, Research, Reports and Articles

  Recent Publications
         Relationship Between Degree of State Regulation of Homeschooling
         and Abuse of Homeschool Children, 2018
         Child Abuse of Public School, Private School, and Homeschool Students, 2018
         Difference in the Academic Achievements of Homeschooled and
         Non Homeschooled Students, 2016
         Child Abuse and Neglect Fatalities Not Correlated with Homeschooling, 2017
 Publications by The National Center for Education Statistics:
       2012 Parent and Family Involvement in Education 
       The Condition of Education 2007: Participation: Elem/Secondary: Homeschooled 
       Reasons for Homeschooling comparison chart 
       Table of  homeschooled student characteristics 
       Percent distribution of students in public, private and home schools 
       Percentage distribution of homeschooled students 
       1.5 Million Students homeschooled in the US in 2007 
       1.1 Million Homeschool Students in the United States in 2003 
       Homeschooling in the United States 1999 
       National Household Survey of 1999 Data Files 
       Issues Related to Estimating the Home-Schooled Population  

 Publications stored at the Education Resources Information Center (ERIC):
To Access, enter the Eric ID # of the research you wish to read in the Search Terms box.
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    What Are We Educating Towards
    Written by Ari Neuman, Oz Guterman, 2017
    ERIC ID #: EJ1142917
    Homeschool Parents and Satisfaction with
    Special Education Services
    Written by Albert Cheng, et al, 2016
    ERIC ID #: EJ1110241
    The Influence of Homeschooling on Entrepreneurial
    Activities: A Collective Case Study
    Written by Sarah J. Pannone, 2017
    ERIC ID #: EJ1149810
    The Human Right of Home Education
    Written by Michael P. Donnelly, 2016
    ERIC ID #: EJ1110150
    Child-Led and Interest=Inspired Learning
    Written by Giuliano Liberto, 2016
    ERIC ID #: EJ1138306
    Structured and Unstructured Homeschooling:
    A Proposal for Broadening the Taxonomy
    Written by Ari Neuman, Oz Guterman, 2016
    ERIC ID #: EJ1150133 
    Educational Activities and the Role of the Parent
    in Homeschool Families with High School Students
    Written by Dan Carpenter, Courtney Gann, 2016
    ERIC ID #: EJ1101813
    Types of Homeschool Environments and Need Support
    for Children's Achievement Motivation
    Written by Deborah A. Bell, et al, 2016
    ERIC ID #: EJ1110239
    African American Homeschool Parent's Motivation
    and Their Black Children's Academic Achievement
    Written by Brian Ray, 2015
    ERIC ID #: EJ1054570
    Home Is Where The School Is: The Impact of Homeschool
    Legislation on School Choice
    Written by Rachana Bhatt, 2014
    ERIC ID #: EJ1030232
    Informal Home Education: 
    Philosophical Aspirations Put into Practice 
    Written by Alan Thomas, et al 2013
    ERIC ID #: EJ996765
    Homeschooling the Gifted: 
    A Parent's Perspective 
    Written by Jennifer L. Jolly, et al 2013
    ERIC ID #: EJ996236
    Homeschooling Worries: 
    Trusting That The Dots Will Connect 
    Written by Lisa Rivero 2012
    ERIC ID #: EJ984382
    Inspection of Home Education in European Countries 
    Written by Henk Blok, et al 2011
    ERIC ID #: EJ928540
    Homeschooling in America: A Viable Option
    Written by Bobby Terry 2011
    ERIC ID #: ED517220
    Bringing Lessons from Homeschool to the Writing Classroom
    Written by Carolyn Ariella Sofia 2010
    ERIC ID #: EJ906297
    Exploring Academic Outcomes of Homeschool Students
    Written by Michael Cogan 2010
    ERIC ID #: EJ893891
    Are All Homeschooling Methods Created Equal
    Written by Deborah Taylor-Hough 2010
    ERIC ID #: ED510702
    Homeschooling in the USA, Past, Present and Future
    Written by Milton Gaither 2009
    ERIC ID #: EJ860944
    You Can Homeschool Your Child With Special Needs
    Written by Diana Peterson 2009
    ERIC ID #: EJ841774
    Considering Homeschooling Your Child on the Autism Spectrum?
    Written by Karen Hurlbutt 2010
    ERIC ID #: EJ880859
    Previously Homeschooled College Freshman:
    Their First Year Experiences and Persistence Rates
    Written by Mary K. Saunders 2010
    ERIC ID #: EJ851091
    An Examination of Assessment Scores between Students 
    Who Were Homeschooled Prior to Entering a Virtual Charter School
    Written by Catherine Wilson 2010
    ERIC ID #: ED514204
    Too Cool for School: Gifted Children and Homeschooling
    Written by Catherine Winstanley 2009
    ERIC ID #: EJ860945
    Home Education Reason and Research: 
    Common Questions and Research-Based Answers about Homeschooling
    Written by Brian D. Ray 2009
    ERIC ID #: ED508160
    Why Homeschooling Happened 
    Written by Milton Gaither 2009
    ERIC ID #: EJ799390
    Homeschoolers Entering Community Colleges:
    Perceptions of Admissions Officers
    Written by Kellie Sorey 2008
    ERIC ID #: EJ829457
    Homeschooling: A Growing Option in American Education
    Written by Dan Lips 2008
    ERIC ID #: ED501498
    Why State Sanctions Fail to Deter Home Education:
    An Analysis of Home Education in Germany and Its 
    Implications for Home Education Policies
    Written by Thomas Spiegler 2009
    ERIC ID #: EJ860947
    What Have We Learned About Homeschooling?
    Written by Eric J. Isenberg 2007
    ERIC ID #: EJ772374
    The Politics of Homeschooling:
    New Developments, New Challenges
    Written by Bruce S. Cooper 2007
    ERIC ID #: EJ750731
    A Mixed Methods Nested Analysis of
    Homeschooling Styles, Instructional Practices, 
    and Reading Methodologies 
    Written by Carolyn C. McKeon 2007
    ERIC ID #: ED504128
    Choice without Markets:
    Homeschooling in the Context of Private Education
    Written by Janice Aurini 2005
    ERIC ID #: EJ718936
    Why Do Parents Homeschool?
    A Systematic Examination of Parental Involvement
    Written by Christa L. Green 2007
    ERIC ID #:  EJ749498
    Homeschooling In The US, Growth and Growing Pains
    Written by Travis Reindl 2005
    ERIC ID #: EJ732596
    Homeschooling, Trends and Issues
    Written by Margaret Hadderman 2002
    ERIC ID #: ED473001
    Virtual Schools, Trends and Issues
    Written by Margaret Hadderman 2002
    ERIC ID #: ED473002
    Homeschooling and Higher Education
    Written by Patricia Wood 2003
    ERIC ID #: ED480468
    Homeschooling, ERIC Digest
    Written by Patricia Lines 2001
    ERIC ID #: ED457539
    Homeschooling Comes of Age
    Written by Patricia Lines 2000
    ERIC ID #: EJ609191
    Homeschoolers, Estimating Number and Growth
    Written by Patricia Lines 1999
    ERIC ID #: ED456167
    The Correlational Relationship Between Homeschooling 
    Demographics and High Test Scores
    Written by Johnna Burns 1999
    ERIC ID #: ED439141

 Research by Universities, Think Tank and Other Organizations:
          A Systematic Review of the Empirical Research
          Brian D. Ray, Journal of School Choice, 2017
           Vanderbilt University, Peabody Research, 2016
          Homeschooling in America: Capturing and Assessing the Movement
          Written by Joseph Murphy, Vanderbuilt University, Peabody Research, 2012
          Education, Schooling and Children's Rights: The Complexity of Homeschooling
          Written by Robert Kunzman, Indiana University, 2012
          Exploring Academic Outcomes of Homeschool Students
          (A look at homeschool demographics at a private midwestern college)
          Slide Presentation
          Written by Michael Cogan, University of St. Thomas, 2010
          Academic Achievement and Demographic Traits of Homeschool Students: A Nationwide Study
          Written by Brian Ray, Academic Leadership Journal, 2010
          Evidence for Homeschool: Constitutional Analysis In Light of Social Research
          Written by Tanya K. Dumas, Sean Gates, Deborah Swarzer in Widener Law Review, 2008
          Homeschooling: From the Extreme to the Mainstream
          Homeschooling: From the Extreme to the Mainstream 2nd Edition, 2007
          Both written by Patrick Basham, Cato Institute
          Published by The Fraser Institute, Canada
          Homeschooling Back To The Future?
          Cato Institute Policy Analysis
          By Isabel Lyman
          The Why of Homeschool
          Ludwig Von Mises Institute
          By Isabel Lyman, 2003
          Scholastic Achievement and Demographic Characteristics
          Education Policy Analysis Archives 
          Written by Lawrence M. Rudner, 1998


 Research from homeschool organizations:
    International Center for Homeschool Research
    Homeschool Legal Defense Association
    National Home Education Research Institution